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While flavor combinations are practically endless, below are some classic favorites and innovative combinations:

Chocolate Lovers
Rich chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache
Chocolate Raspberry 
Rich chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries and vanilla Swiss buttercream*
Chocolate Caramel 
Rich chocolate cake, salted caramel 
chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream


German Chocolate  
Rich chocolate cake and coconut pecan frosting**


American Birthday Cake 

Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream...simple and delicious!
Perfect Pairing
Lemon cake, homemade lemon curd, vanilla Swiss buttercream topped with fresh berries*
Strawberry Orange Blossom 
Vanilla cake, pastry cream with a hint of Fleur d'oranger filling, 
fresh strawberries and vanilla Swiss buttercream*




Vanilla cake drizzled with fresh espresso, mascarpone cream filling and vanilla Swiss buttercream.
Cherry Almond 
Vanilla almond cake, Amaretto syrup, cherry preserves, vanilla Swiss buttercream and toasted almond crunch
Cookies & Cream 
Rich chocolate cake, white 
chocolate mousse with Oreo® Cookie pieces and vanilla Swiss buttercream

Carrot Cake 

Moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting...a customer favorite!**
*Seasonal fruit based on availablity
**Not available in carved cake shapes or fondant-covered cakes
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